Welcome to the audio archive - here are some corridas (tributes) from San Antonio, part of Canon de Carnue Land Grant, as recorded by JD Robb, noted musicologist.  He traveled through New Mexico recording music, and his collection resides in the UNM libraries. 

The featured corrida (performed by Solomon Ruiz) is a tribute to Jose Apodaca, who lived in San Antonio, part of the Canon de Carnue Land Grant.  Born in 1876, he died in 1945, just 5 years before the recording of this corrida.  According to an active Matachine Danzante, the Monarca (head dancer) is always highly respected and loved, as the words to the corrida indicate. The lyrics  to this corrida are attached, as well.

Notice his indigenous appearance - his facial characteristics were inherited by his grandson Maximilian Garcia.  According to Maximilian's daughter Maxine, her father looked very much like Jose Apodaca, with high cheekbones.  The facial similarity can be seen in Maxine as well as her daughter.  This family continues to be active in the Genízaro Matachine Danzante traditions of the Canon de Carnue Land Grant.

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